Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a cost for your services?  If so, what is it?  
There is no cost for the assistance of Torn Veil Ministries.  Our funding comes strictly through donations made by charitable contributors.  We know that starting a ministry can be expensive.  We want to make sure that you have what you need without factoring mentoring into the start-up cost.


How does Torn Veil Ministries decide which ministries to help? 
We begin the process by meeting one-on-one to discuss vision and identified needs.  If both parties determine at the initial meeting that further pursuit would be beneficial, then an application will be submitted and reviewed by the TVM board.  Once the application is reviewed and approved, the ministry will be invited to present the ministry vision and plan at a Torn Veil Ministries board meeting and the board will determine if this ministry is one that we are equipped to assist.  The decision and plan will be communicated to the ministry within a week following the presentation.


I know that I am called to ministry but am totally clueless where to start.  Can Torn Veil Ministries really help someone like me?
All people in ministry had a starting point.  Our calling is to be the landing pad for ministers who have said Yes to the calling and have taken the leap.  Contact us and we will determine together if we are a resourcing/mentoring match for you.


After I contact Torn Veil Ministries, what happens next? 
We will contact you and set up a time to meet.  We will talk about your ministry and share ways that Torn Veil Ministries can resource your ministry development. 


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