Thaddeus Niestemski


Board of Directors

Shelley Seagler
Fundraising & Marketing Coordinator

Bishop Thaddeus J. Niestemski accepted Yeshua (Jesus) as Lord and Savior in 1984.  In 2007, Thaddeus learned that he is Jewish on both sides of his family and now proudly prays, worships, and serves the Lord as a Spirit filled Messianic Hebrew. 


Thaddeus studied to be a licensed Methodist Pastor and became Associate Pastor of Weslyan Methodist Church in Pomona, NJ in 1989.  He later went on to become an Ordained Reverend in 2001 and an Ordained Bishop in 2003 by Souls Harvest Ministries.  In 2002, Thaddeus was called to the Apostolic in Jacksonville, Florida.


Since being called to the ministry, Bishop Thaddeus has been involved in the founding and implementation of several ministries including Need Prayer Just Ask Ministry, Feeding the Hungry in St. Johns County, Florida, and served as the National Director of Home Missions with Souls Harvest Ministries. 


Thaddeus now serves alongside his lovely wife, Angela, at Torn Veil Ministries.

Shelley Seagler brings a comprehensive skill set and diverse professional background to her role at Torn Veil Ministries. After spending many years as a teacher in the public school system, Shelley transitioned into the corporate world.  She has spent most of the past decade as an Investment Advisor at Snider Advisors, where she specializes in speaking about financial issues and teaching people how to invest for retirement. Shelley lives in Aurora, TX with her husband, daughter, and dogs. 

Elaine Seagler

Elaine Seagler is a teacher with over forty years of experience.

She taught in the public school system, private school system, and the state prison.  She holds certifications in English, social studies, Spanish, general special education, and orientation and mobility for the blind.  Elaine also has a master’s degree in education with emphasis on teaching the visually handicapped and the emotionally disturbed.  In the prison system, Elaine taught reading, writing, and math in preparation for the GED.


Elaine and her husband have worked with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and have mentored high school and college aged students in Bible study.  They have a deep love for students and believe young adults will be better prepared for life if they have a sound knowledge of God’s Word.


God has blessed Elaine and her husband of 51 years, with a daughter Angela, her husband Thaddeus, a son Joe, his wife Shelley, and her precious granddaughter Sloane.  Her greatest joy is that all of them know Christ as their Savior and have a personal relationship with Him.


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