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1:1 Mentorship
Every minister has a starting point.
TVM provides customized relational- model mentorship.
We meet and discover the who, what, where, how and why of the minister and the motives for pursuing ministry. 
We use the discovery findings to identify the needs within the minister's chosen ministry setting.
We then develop a strategic plan for ministry development and provide opportunities to partner in ministry.
We offer continued consultation through the ministry launch and beyond. 

Feast of Tabernacles Shabbat Gathering

Shabbat Gatherings
Shabbat Gatherings

Once a month TVM hosts a Shabbat gathering. The focus of the evening is creating space for God and His Bride to meet. We share a meal, fellowship, worship and minister to one another. Everyone has a seat at the table.  

Community Garden

Ministry Projects
Ministry Projects

TVM partners with ministers in creating ministry projects during the development phase of their ministry. These projects provide a landscape for personal growth as well as producing tangible support to the surrounding community. 

To see more or discuss possible partnership let's talk >>
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